About Me

First and foremost, I am a follower of Jesus Christ, and it is my life's greatest joy to serve Him faithfully in my roles as a wife, mama, and homeschooling teacher.  

I am a loving wife to my AMAZING husband, and the best daddy to our children that I could have ever hoped to have.  He is, undoubtedly, my better half, and I am grateful daily for his leadership and example of faithfulness to the Lord both inside and outside of our home.  

I am a mama to the most beautiful children I've ever laid eyes on, and I am dedicated to helping  lead these precious ones to know God and make Him known, and also to prepare their hearts to say a resounding, "YES!" to the Lord's call upon their lives, wherever that may take them.

I am a former public school teacher turned home-schooling mama.  I cherish this teaching position more than any of the various others I've ever had, and thank God for the opportunity to teach and learn with my own children daily.  

My prayer is that this space-my own little corner of the Internet-is a blessing to all who visit, and an encouragement to them as they read the words that have flowed out of my heart and onto the screens they are reading from.

soli Deo gloria

Charlotte Mason Binder Cover

As promised, here is the link to the Charlotte Mason Teacher Binder Cover I shared on my Instagram .  May it be a daily reminder to...