Monday, July 11, 2016

Super Fun and Easy Homeschool Review Games

If you are anything like me, you are a person who needs material to come to life in order to make it stick in your brain.  I was never a "sit and get" student-rather, I was one who soaked up activity, movement, visuals, and excitement when my teachers were amazing enough to break away from the standard lecture-style of instruction that was typical in my classrooms growing up.

That is why I have sought to make learning come to life for my littles, and one of my favorite ways to do that is through playing games!  The games don't have to be elaborate-mine are games that literally took me only minutes to put together!  Those few moments spent creating each game have given us all so much laughter and joy while learning, and my kiddos beg to play our games every day!

Below you will find our most loved, and most easy to create, games!  Not only do we play them at home, but several are favorites for taking with us when we will have to wait for appointments, car maintenance, etc.!  Please be sure to comment below and share what your family's favorite review games are!

The Hamburger Game

It is hard to choose a favorite from amongst our review games, but if we *had* to, this one would probably win simply because it is the one my children request the most!  I stumbled upon this while browsing the Teachers Pay Teachers website for free games, and I am so glad I did!  You can find the free printables here, and essentially, you just print out all of your hamburger pieces (I chose to do mine on colored construction paper-with the exception of the cheese, which I printed on white paper and then colored to avoid having it be the same color as the mustard, lol-and then laminated all the pieces to make them extra durable), cut them out, and you are set to go!  

The object of the game is to be the first to collect all of the hamburger pieces so you may then "eat" your pretend hamburger!  Pieces are awarded for all questions answered or facts stated correctly.  Sounds almost too easy...because it is!  However, my kids LOVE this game!  This is definitely our favorite "on-the-go" game-I just toss it in my bag and we can easily play in any waiting room we find ourselves in!  


This game is a ton of fun!  I saw this game while browsing for review game ideas related to Classical Conversations, and although it is simple, it is still so entertaining!  To make this game, you will simply print out the subject cards you need (free template HERE!), and then mount them to construction paper or cardstock.  I chose to use all the same color, because my kiddos would totally zero in on the "BANG!" card simply by color if the cards were different colors :).  I then laminated the cards to help them hold up, and we were ready to go!

Playing is SO easy-all cards are placed face-down, and a child chooses a card then attempts to answer a question about the corresponding subject.  If they answer correctly, they keep the card, and if not, teacher/siblings/etc. may help answer the questions, and I usually still let the child keep the card because I am a big softy, ha ha!  If a student happens to draw the "BANG!" card, they put all their cards back in the pile and start over!  There really is no end to the game and no winner since the "BANG!" card never gets taken out of the rotation, so it is also great for those still working on good sportsmanship and playing happily even if you are not "winning" :).

Wiggle Worm

This is a game we love to pull out if everyone starts looking a little droopy or if they are having a case of the wiggles-it perks everyone right back up, and helps get all the wiggles out!  I followed the same steps as both games above to prepare the game-printing out the pieces (free template HERE!) on colored paper (all the same color because, like the "BANG!" game, my kiddos would pinpoint the Wiggle Worm instantly if I didn't!), laminating, and then mounting the laminated pieces to Popsicle sticks.  

To play, I hold the sticks with the cards facing me, and then kiddos draw a stick one at a time, answering questions that correspond with the chosen subject.  They return the sticks after answering their questions.  If someone draws the Wiggle Worm card, we have a major dance party for about 30 seconds, and totally let loose!  Sometimes I even turn music on-whether it be music that goes along with the subjects we are learning, scripture memorization songs, or songs just for fun-we just love to dance and let loose a little!   

I would LOVE to know what games your family plays to make learning fun!  Leave me a comment below sharing your favorites, and be sure to include a link to your blog if you have one!

Until next time, happy learning!

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  1. Love these ideas! Thank you! With the hamburger game, does each child get all the pieces to start? Or are all pieces fair game? Trying to figure out how someone would win :-)

    1. Hi, Jen! The way we play is that each person (or team, if you are playing with a larger group) gets all the pieces they need to build the hamburger before beginning. Then, for every correct answer, they get to add a piece to their burger. The first person or team to finish building their burger wins!

      I hope that helps! Thanks so much for stopping by!


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