Friday, July 13, 2012

Easy Toddler Hand Print Art

We wanted to have another canvas for our daughter's room that she got to take part in (see my DIY Canvas Wall Art here), so we came up with this easy and cute little picture.  We used a 5x7 canvas, but you can use any size that fits the design you have in mind and the space you will be using it in!

We did the flower stems, leaves, and sun first by using a paint brush with acrylic paint.  Once that had dried, we did the hand prints using the paint brushes to apply the acrylic paint to the entire hand, and then pressed the hands down onto the canvas to make the prints.  Finally, we attached the ribbon to our canvas with a hot glue gun, and then coated the entire canvas with Mod Podge to seal the entire project and help it last for many years to come :).

I hope if you try this with your child, we hope that you have as much fun as we did!

Have a wonderful Friday, and a very happy weekend!

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