Thursday, July 12, 2012

DIY Canvas Wall Art

After spotting this tutorial on Pinterest, I decided that I wanted to try my hand at making my very own canvas wall art for my little girl's room.  It was super easy, and it turned out pretty cute!

Supplies Needed:

A blank canvas in the size of your choice (I used a 16x20)
Paint brushes (I do not recommend the ones pictured-I had to pick out SO many bristles on the canvas!  Here is the set we now love and use on all of our craft projects)

Optional Supplies:

Mod Podge (to use as a sealant)


I wanted the word "Sunshine" in my phrase "You Are My Sunshine" to be yellow, so I began by painting a yellow rectangle in the area I wanted that word to be, and then letting it dry overnight.

 The next morning, I applied my lettering, being sure that only the letters in the word "Sunshine" touched the yellow paint, as I wanted the background of every other letter to be white.

I wanted to add some interest to the edges of my canvas, so I cut strips off of some paper doilies and attached them to the corners.

I folded the strips over the edges, and then secured them onto the back of the canvas frame with tape.

Here is what you should have so far:

I began to paint the surface of my canvas.  Be sure not to press too hard when painting over the doilies and lettering, as you don't want them to move from where you've placed them.  This is what the canvas looked like after one coat.  Don't be scared if your canvas soaks up a lot of paint-it will look great after another coat or two!

 I applied 3 coats total, waiting about an hour in between each coat.  This is the canvas after the 3 coats:

When the final coat was dry, I removed the lettering and the doilies, and applied a coat of Mod Podge as a sealant.  I would recommend removing the doilies after you apply the first coat, as I had some trouble with them ripping and being hard to remove.  You would then just paint around those areas carefully to avoid ruining the design.  Here is the completed project:

I had so much fun making this canvas for my daughter's room, and I can't wait to make another for my son's room!  Feel free to post a link to your DIY wall art projects; I'd love to check them out!  Have a fantastic day!

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  1. You are right it's quite easy for making and this work turned in an attractive canvas art. You have performed great creativity. many thanks for sharing this post.


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