Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Teachable Moment Tuesday: To, Too, or Two?

In life, there are always opportunities to make the most of situations.  As an educator, it probably comes as no surprise that some of my favorite moments of opportunity are the "teachable" moments, or moments in which unplanned learning occurs.  I love it when in the middle of a planned lesson, my students and I have the opportunity to expand our knowledge of a subject that we had absolutely no intention of even talking about on a given day by going on a webquest, pulling out an encyclopedia, or just flat out having a whole-class discussion about the topic we are interested in learning more about!  I decided it might be fun to start sharing some of the teachable moments I encounter at school here on my blog :).  Some might be about historical events, some might be grammar-related (one of my faves!), some might be about nature; the cool thing is that because you don't plan a teachable moment, you never really know what you are going to get!  So here's to the start of a new series:  The first ever Teachable Moment Tuesday:  To, Too, or Two?

When looking over the first set of letters that my students wrote this year, it became clear that there were big issues in knowing when to use the words to, too, or two.  You would think that by the time 5th grade rolls around that those words would be so easy to differentiate and implement correctly, but when I look at the old Facebook or get e-mails and texts from my adult friends in which each of those words have been used incorrectly, I know it is time to step up and take advantage of a teachable moment!  

  • To-usually found at the beginning of a prepositional phrase or before a verb as an infinitive.  
    • Ex:  I am going to the store.  To is used at the beginning of the prepositional phrase to the store.
    • Ex:  She is going to sleep.  To is used to indicate an infinitive when it precedes the verb "sleep".  

  • Too-used to indicate an excessive amount, or as a way of saying "in addition to", or "as well".
    • Ex:  I ate too much food on Thanksgiving.  Too indicates that an excessive amount of food was eaten.
    • Ex:  Sam is coming to the party too.  Too is another way of saying "as well" in this example.   

  • Two-the written form of the number 2.  
    • Ex:  My daughter will be two this year!  Two is used in place of the numeral 2.  Fun fact:  As a general rule, all numbers 0-9 should be expressed in written form, rather than as a numeral.  

I hope that this has helped if you have ever struggled to determine which of these words was the correct one to use!  Take care, and be on the lookout for more Teachable Moment Tuesdays!  

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