Saturday, February 26, 2011

A parent's life is a child's guidebook

I am pretty lucky (I think) to drive by 2 churches every morning and every afternoon with the signs out front that always have a message on them.  Some of them are funny, some of them are deep, and some of them (okay, most of them) can get me feeling pretty convicted. 

About 2 weeks ago, as I was just finishing up my morning prayer on the way to work, I looked to the sign of the second church I pass every day, and it had a new saying on it that read "A parent's life is a child's guidebook".  When I saw that sign, I felt like God was sitting right next to me in my car saying "Now is the time.  You need to stop making excuses, and be the mother that I know you are destined to be".  Pretty scary!  You see, each and every day on my way to work, I pray that God will change my heart, and give me the patience and the dedication to be a better wife and mother.  However, it seems like every day I fail at both of these things.  I make excuses for my behavior (I'm tired, I'm stressed, I'm overwhelmed...sound familiar?), and before I know it, it seems like another day of failure in my life as a wife and a mom has come and gone. 

Anywho, the saying on that sign got me thinking, "What exactly IS my attitude and behavior teaching my children?"  Are they learning to put God above all else?  Are they learning that when they  needs answers, that they should seek His guidance and wisdom first?  Are they learning that they are BEAUTIFUL and perfect, just the way that God created them?  Are they learning that spending time with family WITHOUT t.v., Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter is the only way that we will have time to make each other feel important, loved, and worth taking the time to bond with?  Are they learning to be slow to anger and quick to love?  Are they learning to be humble, putting Jesus first, others second, and themselves last?  Probably not.  How can I expect them to learn these things if they are not in their guidebook for life-my life? 

I know that I will never be perfect, but I do have the power, through Christ, to change my behavior, so that my children will see my life as a guidebook full of love and service for Christ and others, a guidebook that shows that putting family first is more important that any job, t.v show, or website ever could be, and a guidebook that shows that even though we will make mistakes and fail from time to time, that seeking God's wisdom and guidance can make us feel whole again. 

What is your life teaching your child?

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